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In 2008, HH Prince Dr. Fernando Macolor Cruz was in a deep conversation with an American advocate of stateless persons' rights. They were casually discussing the fate of stateless persons but what really struck the prince was the response from the American. When His Highness mentioned his plans of founding the International Stateless Persons Organisation (ISPO), the American gentleman said, "Please. This is long overdue!" Thus ISPO was founded in principle in the same year.

Teaching History and Political Science at the Palawan State University, HH Prince Dr. Fernando Macolor Cruz realized that unless stateless persons fall into refugee category, not a single unified approach to their plight is being carried out by any organisation in a global scale. One concern that he sees is the fact, that some governments who are signatories to the conventions are not according stateless persons the basic rights and privileges reserved for them. Logic states the impossibility for host governments to uphold all these rights of stateless persons from themselves who deny them citizenship in the first place. Hence, he envisioned an international body composed of genuinely concerned humanitarian and legal experts, coordinating with world governments, to promote the interests of stateless persons. 

ISPO finally became a legally registered entity with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Registry No. CN201208539) as a non-stock, International Non-Profit Organisation (INGO) under the Corporation Laws of the Philippines, dated May 07, 2012, four years after its inception. 

Other founding members who eagerly joined in formally incorporating ISPO include HH Prince Dr. Antonio Linsangan III, Mrs. Ninfa O. Tuguay, Atty. Dr. Albert C. Garraez, Atty. Dr. Ronald J. Carandang and Mr. John Hardcastle. They all share the same vision for stateless persons.

Coron, Palawan, Philippines was chosen to be the location of ISPO's International Headquarters. The beautiful and unspoilt location enlivens humanity's spirit of brotherhood, camaraderie and friendship on which the locals are very well-known for.



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