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President and Founder - HH Prince Dr. Fernando Macolor Cruz

His Highness holds a Bachelor of Arts degree major in Political Science from the Palawan State University. He finished the degree Master of  Professional Studies in Development Communication from the University of the Philippines-Open University where he is also currently working on his Doctor of  Communication degree. He teaches full time at the Palawan State University handling Social Sciences and Communication. He had received the degree Doctor in International Affairs (Honoris causa) from Studiorum Universitas Ruggero II and Doctor of Economic Science (Honoris causa) from the University of Bouake in the Ivory Coast. He is the General Delegate from the Philippines to the Accademia Normanna in Rome.

Vice President for Foreign Relations- Atty. Dr. Albert C. Garraez 

Atty. Garraez finished his Bachelor of Arts degree major in Political Science with the Latin Honors Cum Laude from the Palawan State University . It was at the same university's School of Law where he earned his Bachelor of Laws degree. He had been an Associate Professor IV at the same university prior to his appointment as the current Director of the Palawan State University Coron Campus. Atty. Garraez holds a Doctor of Political Science (Honoris causa).

Vice President for Finance- HH Prince Dr. Antonio Linsangan III

HH Prince Antonio holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from San Beda College - Manila. A nationally awarded photographer and environmental advocate, he is a successful entrepreneur in the Coron tourism industry. The prince had worked closely in the past with theTagbanua tribe of Coron Island.  He also had received an honorary doctorate in International Affairs from Ruggero II University.

Vice President for Institutional and Membership Services - Mrs. Ninfa O. Tuguay

Mrs. Tuguay is a retired civil servant in the Philippines who worked most part of her career in Coron, Palawan as the Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer. Her experience varies across child, women and family issues, elderly and persons who are differently abled, and disaster, aid and crises management. Mrs. Tuguay joined ISPO in her desire to share and contribute her knowledge and experience in addressing the stateless persons' plight.

Vice President for Communication and Press Relations - John Hardcastle, Esq.

John is a gentleman farmer who chose to retire at Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Originally a Rhodesian, he chose not to return to the now state of Zimbabwe after the unfortunate turn of events there for white people. Opting to choose his South African citizenship, John is actively engaged with civic affairs in his new found home.

Corporate and Board Secretary - Atty. Dr. Ronald J. Carandang 

Atty. Carandang earned his Bachelor of Laws from the Palawan State University Law School. He was previously employed as a legal officer with the Environmental Legal Assistance Center (ELAC). Now in private practice, he still does pro bono work for ELAC while teaching part time at the Palawan State University CCRD Coron whenever his schedule allow. Atty. Carandang is an honorary Doctor of Political Science.



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